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Together Give a chance Education Children Niellé.


Located several hours of Abidjan track Niellé is a small town in northern Côte d'Ivoire. From the far north should say since, far from the border with Mali. Inlaid in Sénoufo means "bells" . The story goes that two hunters to locate, bells attached to the branches of baobabs. Wind, they waved. Niellé now has 22 700 inhabitants who live mainly from agriculture. Landline phone no longer works since 2002, the grid is insufficient, as the water supply.

Education is a glaring situation now. One must imagine an entire village where children are unable to read and write this. Elementary schools Niellé accommodate up to 80-90 students per class, while the compulsory schooling age is 5 years in Côte d'Ivoire, children can not be accepted until 8 years of absence Place ... The girls, in fact, are excluded from elementary schools.

Thomas Ouattara is a child Niellé. Today entrepreneur, he travels a lot between Abidjan and Paris. It is part of 3-4 children per class (they are 80-90 per class) who manage to reach the university. In his own words, he owes everything to the school first. He should place his father who chose to go to school when his older brothers worked in the fields. He owes them everything and recognizing knows it is time to go to his village and his family everything that was given to him.

We are a community of coworking name Satellites located in Nice. And we met Thomas Ouattara. We decided to help and assist children Niellé participating in the construction of an elementary school. You all know that education and instruction permit, so you will probably all aware of this project. There are more than just build a building to house a school project. We know and believe drastically help the children of this village. We know that we are changing the situation on the spot. And that's what we like because it is who we are . And maybe you're like us ...

This is a campaign to raise funds participatory (or crowdfunding). We chose to conduct this campaign because Satellites, we repeat, this is who we are: we love to help, we like to help us, we like to take care of others. And we invite you to join us in this adventure. You can help this all takes place. If you believe the values ​​we stand for, if you believe in this project, so your support can make a difference ...

Names of children Niellé, we remerçons advance. Let's make the bells still ring at Niellé.

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